Friends, Enemy or Frenemies?

💁 Who is a friend and who is a foe? The distinction between the two is easier than finding out an enemy in disguise – Frenemy!

👀 Watch! Frenemies are more Dangerous.

In a fast paced world 🌍 where quality relationships are hard to find and maintain it becomes very crucial to know who your real friends are and who are just impersonating.

It is considered that ambivalence nature of Frenemies is harmful, largely because people don’t know where they stand in a relationship and this can cause stress.
Recognize and Use Frenemies to Avoid Stress.

So, to avoid stress and distraction it is advisable to recognize your frenemies and deal with them effectively. Don’t judge people. Just be good to everyone and stay miles away from people who smell rotten. Then the ones left will be the good ones, but their true intentions surface on the slightest knock of adversity be it in their lives or yours.

Just don’t try to seek the truth. Let people unfold themselves with time. Only then you may say who is worth keeping close and who isn’t.

And do some work on yourself too. Learn to accept harsh truths from your friends even if it hurts you. Don’t get offended by anyone who points out a flaw in you.

Just take it easy and keep doing your primary work, which you need to do (volunteering and supporting Farmlifter Creative Tribe).

 It’s a beautiful day to make a difference in the world 🌍 every day.

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