Friends, Enemy or Frenemies?

💁 Who is a friend and who is a foe? The distinction between the two is easier than finding out an enemy in disguise – Frenemy!

👀 Watch! Frenemies are more Dangerous.

In a fast paced world 🌍 where quality relationships are hard to find and maintain it becomes very crucial to know who your real friends are and who are just impersonating.

It is considered that ambivalence nature of Frenemies is harmful, largely because people don’t know where they stand in a relationship and this can cause stress.
Recognize and Use Frenemies to Avoid Stress.

So, to avoid stress and distraction it is advisable to recognize your frenemies and deal with them effectively. Don’t judge people. Just be good to everyone and stay miles away from people who smell rotten. Then the ones left will be the good ones, but their true intentions surface on the slightest knock of adversity be it in their lives or yours.

Just don’t try to seek the truth. Let people unfold themselves with time. Only then you may say who is worth keeping close and who isn’t.

And do some work on yourself too. Learn to accept harsh truths from your friends even if it hurts you. Don’t get offended by anyone who points out a flaw in you.

Just take it easy and keep doing your primary work, which you need to do (volunteering and supporting Farmlifter Creative Tribe).

 It’s a beautiful day to make a difference in the world 🌍 every day.

💁 To feel happy and stress-free, sign up with Farmlifter Creative Tribe.





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The 21st Century Black Woman

My Name is DD’Right a.k.a. Damilola Akinteye, founder of 44100 Concepts Limited and The 21st Century Black Woman. I’m a Nigerian, a social-entrepreneur, a creative director and also a health/wellness blogger. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance from Covenant University, Ota.

21st Century Black Woman is an organization offering educational opportunities and entrepreneurship development programmes to women in Nigeria. I established the organization in 2019 after I lost my younger sister (Late Rachael Akinteye Ayangbile), who died in 2018. To live with the pain of loss, I discovered creative ways to heal. Right inside the pain, I learnt to live life more purposefully and more fully.

I realized that having walked through the fire, I could create a memorial to empower women – a way to reclaim one’s voice, one’s sense of identity, and to serve as an agency for developing one’s skills and talents to get them out of the cycle of poverty. I am specially equipped to help others find new meaning, and move on with life.

Looking back on 2018, I ask myself, what the world would look like if more women were empowered. Women are needed at all levels in order to help our families, our communities or the world. I believe that an enabling environment at every level of society ought to be created to teach the importance of respecting, honoring and empowering women.

Women and girls, everywhere, must have equal rights and opportunity, and be able to live free of violence and discrimination. Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. Investing in women’s economic empowerment sets a direct path for achieving developed society because the benefits of empowering women are not exclusive to the women but to their families.

Women make enormous contributions to economies, whether in businesses, on farms, as entrepreneurs or employees, or by doing unpaid care work at home. Women’s empowerment can result in a more caring, tolerant, and peaceful life for all. Finally, women’s empowerment can empower men to change the world for the better.

I want to empower women and girls to become pathfinders, and to be able to create their own identities, with the renewal of their minds. Therefore, I want to bridge the gap in the life of women and girls by developing their leadership & entrepreneurship skills through The 21st Century Black Woman Empowerment and Skills Acquisition Program.

My story is a form of empowerment to inspire women and girls around the world to live the best life story.

To help and support The 21st Century Black Woman Empowerment and Skills Acquisition Program, please contact me.


Yours Sincerely,


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One Africa Party

Everyone wants a piece of the cake, and it’s a small cake. Politicians, migrants, everyone. The have-nots will always feel the brunt of everything.

Waving fighting sticks, improvised spears and shields, they advanced like an army through the streets of central Johannesburg, chanting and singing in Zulu: “Foreigners must go back to where they came from.” Using the derogatory term “Makwerekwere” to refer to foreigners. This is not the first time South Africa has experienced such horrors.

A group of local men, playing a game of Ludo on a scrap of cardboard, at first insisted that opportunistic criminals were entirely to blame for the violence, but they soon began to complain about the presence of foreign nationals.

“I’m not xenophobic,” insisted a man who gave his first name as Alfred. “But these foreigners are prepared to work for less.”

“They work for small money,” his friend Frederick agreed. “And they hire their own, so it’s hard for us to compete. There is frustration.

A difference in performance between foreign and local business owners has created a perception that foreigners (and other African immigrants) are more successful than locals. While there is nothing wrong with examining the dynamics of competition, the insinuation that foreign business owners were to blame for the decline of South African-owned small business was worrying.

Foreign nationals, particularly undocumented immigrants, have become scapegoats for crime in South Africa’s major urban cities with both politicians and police pointing fingers at them. Violence against foreign citizens and African refugees has become increasingly common and communities are divided by hostility and suspicion.

On Friday 24 February 2017 a large scale and officially sanctioned anti-immigrant protest was organized and held in the Pretoria. Protesters accused immigrants of taking jobs from South Africans, causing crime, and complained that “they are arrogant and they don’t know how to talk to people, especially Nigerians.”

Despite furious criticism from some African governments and nations, the larger truth is that South Africa – with its huge and highly developed economy – remains Africa’s biggest magnet for migrants, and, while a few foreign nationals have decided to return home, the majority seem to have weighed up the risks and the rewards and chosen to stay.

On the 25 March 2019 xenophobic riots targeting African immigrants broke out in Sydenham, Jadhu Place and Overport areas of Durban. Around one hundred people attacked businesses owned by foreign nationals resulting in people seeking shelter in a local police station and mosque.

The attacks are unfortunate and demonstrate how South Africa remains a transitional state: an African country that does not necessarily welcome other Africans. The South African government criticized the attacks on foreigners. Despite the rebound, it’s hardly time to pop the champagne. For all the wrong reasons, South Africa is back in the news yet again.

It is a time bomb. A time bomb. We have not seen the last scene of firebombed shops, burned cars, terrified foreigners, looted supermarkets and armed mobs – play out on the streets of poor, dysfunctional townships like Katlehong.

The riot resumed in Johannesburg on the 8 September 2019. Businesses predominantly owned by Africans from the rest of the continent were reportedly destroyed or damaged during the incident. The riots coincided with a nation-wide truck driver strike protesting against the employment of non-South African truckers.

Widespread public outrage over destruction and looting of largely foreign-owned shops has led to reprisals elsewhere in Africa. But nowhere is the reaction more pronounced than Nigeria. “Enough is enough. We will address this once and for all this time.” Nigeria began evacuating some of its citizens.

Influential Nigerian artists rebuked South African rioters. On social media, many people recalled the efforts of Nigeria and other African countries in ending apartheid and accused South Africans of ingratitude. Meanwhile on the streets, mobs looted South African businesses, leading riot police to be deployed in shopping malls. The South African High Commission in Nigeria, Shoprtie, DSTV, GOTV, Stanbic Bank and MTN were temporarily closed for safety reasons.

This violence was partly driven by the fact that Nigeria is in the grip of post-recession low-growth, which has seen the unemployment rate rise to 23.1%. Jobs are being lost faster than they are being added, leading to lots of idle and frustrated youth. This explains why the riots did not only target the South African supermarket chain Shoprite, but also Nigerian-owned stores. There were also indiscriminate attacks on vehicles.

It seems that the swiftness of these attacks took the Nigerian government by surprise and spurred it to greater action. It may also have been motivated to act in order to avert further looting. Nigeria desperately needs to attract foreign investment especially following its recent assent of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA). The recent attacks on foreigners threatened to throw that off course.

It’s been a very challenging time. You could see the immediate effect of fake news on the streets. At play here is the prize for the biggest economy and most significant political player in the continent – a race largely confined to Nigeria and South Africa. The stakes are high here for trade and political power.

South Africa and Nigeria have never had an easy relationship. Over the years, as different presidents have come and gone, the two countries have often been at loggerheads for different reasons. Since the height of the violence, tensions with South Africa seem to have died down for the moment. Among other things, an official apology from South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa helped to calm the waters. However, with anger among the citizens of Africa’s two largest economies still simmering, both governments will need to seek lasting solutions to their respective lingering economic crises or risk another blowout.

Going forward, the two countries must desist from perceiving each other as competitors if they want to forge a fruitful and peaceful relationship. As the economic powerhouses on the continent, the two countries could work together for the betterment of Africa. Nigeria is a major player in West Africa while South Africa is a major player in the Southern African Development Community region. Sustained tensions would be to the detriment of both countries – and Africa as a whole.

Opportunities for developing leaders have never been greater in our increasingly complex world. Africans need the education and skills to enable them to find jobs and not to see themselves in competition with their brothers.

As Nigerians, as Africans we want to help – and be part of the solution before this xenophobia degenerates into full-scale genocide. As this carnage has potential to destabilize African unity.


About Us

We, One Africa Party (OAP) are here represented by Nigerian Youths. OAP would like to help our leaders; by bringing changes that would help the youths and end xenophobia. We know that the public condemns in the strongest terms the xenophobic virus spreading in Africa. We have seen media showing a person being burnt alive, local and foreign owned shops set alight, looting, violence and destruction.

For many years, leaders have been trying to create safer communities for the economic development of Africa. To do our part for Nigeria, we are having a “Party & Fundraising Event” For The Empowerment Of Next Generation Of Leaders.

Skill acquisition is important in the society. A skilled person can survive in any environment. As water is very essential to human life, so is skill training and acquisition needed in the life of every serious minded human being.

The importance of entrepreneurial skill development in our society today cannot be over emphasized because gone are the days when jobs were available everywhere both in the private and public sectors of the economy and employers go about looking for potential graduates for employment.


Why Are We The Right Fit For You?

We know how to have a great party that supports communities. We understand that young people need to be engaged, equipped and empowered to bring about transformative change in Africa if properly supported.

Our goal is to get leaders, communities, celebrities, businesses and foreigners behind this idea. Everyone will play an important part. Just for the sake of the party. But just for the fun of it.


The Campaign is:

“One For All And All For One.

It’s me! It’s you! It’s us. Be a hero and have a blast doing it!”

We can be heroes together and help build safer communities in our district.

44100 Concepts Limited will manage the event and empowerment hub. The company helps people with ideas create, renew, and strengthen their business, their brands, and their communications for the social good.

Our Vision is defined by the word one. We are one team, with one vision, and one goal. We work together as one collective unit, producing all styles of great projects for the social good.

Our mission is to transform Nigeria for the better with creative projects and scalable business practices.

Support OAP and be the kind of leader people would remember because you made life a little better.

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Dark Secret: Thinking about the Unthinkable

Indeed, girls have very little choice. Given their age and their lack of education and resources, they are dependent on their parents, and later on their husband, for the basic necessities of life. Those who resist may be cut/stitched by force. If they remain uncircumcised and their families are therefore unable to arrange a marriage, they may be cast out without any means of subsistence. Because of their lack of choice and the powerful influence of tradition, many girls accept female genital mutilation (FGM) as a necessary, and even natural, part of life, and adopt the rationales given for its existence.

To get married and have children, which on the surface fulfills gender expectations and the reproductive potential of females, is, in reality, a survival strategy in a society plagued with poverty, disease, and illiteracy.

The socioeconomic dependency of women on men affects response to female genital mutilation. Substantial change is likely to occur only with improvements in the status of women in society. If women are to be considered as equal and responsible members of society, no aspect of their physical, psychological or sexual integrity can be compromised.

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Let Us Not Retreat!

The new era of fitness should be flexible, enjoyable, realistic, challenging, and constantly changing to optimize your results in all areas of your life, such as: mentality, social life, work, health, wealth, love, and happiness. Fitness shouldn’t be looked at under a microscope nor as black and white through exercise and nutrition, it should and needs to be looked at as constant change and optimization through all aspects of life.

📝 Even if a person is far from meeting the recommended weekly activity levels, those first small steps are important and worthwhile.

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Private: Cuddle buddy? No need!

Cuddle buddy? No need! I am celebrating V-Day by myself this year. I will use it as an excuse to buy myself floral scented candle and the cutest lingerie – ya know, stuff that I wouldn’t normally buy myself on a random Sunday. I could spoil myself rotten with candle that actually smells like a floral arrangement, but first, wine.

I can treat myself to my very own bottle—no sharing required. This is to keep my snuggle vibes high in some super luxe-feeling bed sheets. Additionally, I can grab myself a new fragrance that smells as good as I look.

I then light the candle, snuggle in, and fill my journal. Tracking my thoughts about what I want to do with my career – and reflecting on what goals I have already accomplished. Moreover, I can watch video tutorials online to learn new skill that will help advance my career.

Taking time to appreciate what I have already done for myself can also give me the boost I need to keep moving forward.

Happy Valentine’s Day to myself. I love you.

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Farmlifter Guide to Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

  • Eat real food as often as possible.
  • Cut back on fake foods and processed foods.
  • Eat in moderation.


Here are some basic steps we can all take toward better maintaining a healthy eating routine. What’s more, it’s never too late to start practicing good nutrition or to start the conversation about it.

As we age, every stage of life requires a different balance of nutrients. Getting the right nutrients at each stage helps us feel better and function with greater ease — physically and mentally — while reducing our risk for a variety of diseases.

@farmlifter contains guidance and information that can help people develop and maintain healthy eating habits. Best of all, its basic message is a concise one to remember and act upon: “Your wellbeing!”

Individually, and as a society, it is time that we work to ensure such mindfulness about nutrition and to improve the nutrition/food environment for everyone.

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Food For Mental Health Surely Needs Our Immediate Attention

Given the rise in mental illness, and other chronic illnesses today, do we want to wait – how long – for “enough” scientific evidence that a healthy diet is helpful?

Or do we want to work toward promoting healthy diets and lifestyles now, and hope we can use this knowledge and prevent deaths?

Reality is quite different, harsh, and miserable. Because there is a term called sickness (or deathbed) which most of the people eating rubbish, don’t take into consideration.

Believe it or not, follow it or not, but the food is one aspect that has a profound impact on the quality of our lives. Surprisingly not only on physical health but also on overall mental well-being.

May I highly recommend that if you feel and look like crap, then do something about it and change that diet of junk, soda’s, and garbage candy. If you want off your meds 😉, then start researching what REAL food can do for you.

We can’t control everything but we can control what we put in our body. Like a typical Nigerian will say, “Problem no dey finish, try dey enjoy”. So, Why not start today?


Eat clean! Lift Often!

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Get Fit for Life

Let’s face it, we all know we need to exercise. If you want to live a long and healthy life, you should make sure you’re getting enough exercise. It’s important to keep moving no matter how old you are. It will keep your brain healthy and can add years to your life.


Why Exercise Matters

It can help you live a longer, healthier life because it can:

  • Keep your bones, muscles, and joints healthy
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Manage stress and improve your mood
  • Ease symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Lower your chances of heart disease
  • Help with your balance, so you’re less likely to fall and break bones

How can you make exercise a part of your daily life? By making it a habit, like brushing your teeth. That’s more likely to happen if you see it as a priority and if it’s easy to do. Find what works best for you in terms of type and timing of workouts and where you do them (at home, at a gym, outdoors). Exercising with a friend or family member or in a group may motivate you and make it more fun.

I know that people do better with coaching, encouragement, support and accountability. I intend on helping you through each and every mile of becoming fit for life! Are you ready?

I offer several options of personal training to meet every goal, budget and fitness level. If you believe I can be of help to you, please get in touch or connect.


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