Farmlifter Guide to Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

  • Eat real food as often as possible.
  • Cut back on fake foods and processed foods.
  • Eat in moderation.


Here are some basic steps we can all take toward better maintaining a healthy eating routine. What’s more, it’s never too late to start practicing good nutrition or to start the conversation about it.

As we age, every stage of life requires a different balance of nutrients. Getting the right nutrients at each stage helps us feel better and function with greater ease — physically and mentally — while reducing our risk for a variety of diseases.

@farmlifter contains guidance and information that can help people develop and maintain healthy eating habits. Best of all, its basic message is a concise one to remember and act upon: “Your wellbeing!”

Individually, and as a society, it is time that we work to ensure such mindfulness about nutrition and to improve the nutrition/food environment for everyone.

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