Private: Cuddle buddy? No need!

Cuddle buddy? No need! I am celebrating V-Day by myself this year. I will use it as an excuse to buy myself floral scented candle and the cutest lingerie – ya know, stuff that I wouldn’t normally buy myself on a random Sunday. I could spoil myself rotten with candle that actually smells like a floral arrangement, but first, wine.

I can treat myself to my very own bottle—no sharing required. This is to keep my snuggle vibes high in some super luxe-feeling bed sheets. Additionally, I can grab myself a new fragrance that smells as good as I look.

I then light the candle, snuggle in, and fill my journal. Tracking my thoughts about what I want to do with my career – and reflecting on what goals I have already accomplished. Moreover, I can watch video tutorials online to learn new skill that will help advance my career.

Taking time to appreciate what I have already done for myself can also give me the boost I need to keep moving forward.

Happy Valentine’s Day to myself. I love you.

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